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The Muffler Website & Applications - 01 March 2020

Expanding upon the recent re-branding of the The Muffler (Maesglas Sports & Social Club) by Spizzle Dizzle, we have now designed, built and are hosting a brand new website.

The website is the epicenter for all of the activities, events, services, news and even the fresh food menu for The Muffler, all of which can be managed by staff using their custom built control panel.

The muffler can now take back control of their information and display it in a logical manner, all in one place, and are not restricted by the inherent throttling of their posts on social media.

All pages on the website/app can also be shared through social media or any messaging service, simply by dropping in the link, the post and images are automatically populated, giving the user a snippet of the page, and directing them to the correct location with professionally formatted posts.

The use of an up to date ssl certificate also ensures that any users data is encrypted, and that search engines do not penalise the site in their rankings.

We have also expanded the functionality of the site by making it compatible with the latest progressive web app standards, meaning it can be installed as an application on computers and mobile devices without the need to develop separate apps, dramatically reducing development costs and maintenance.

This process also makes the site more secure, efficient, and resilient to network failure while giving the user a standardised experience across devices.

Spizzle Dizzle have also set up professional email services as bookings@themuffler.co.uk, and created pages for social media and browsers, all linked back to the main site.

Please have a look at The Muffler website & application.

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