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Loki | GlamChi Riddling Sphinx

Listing Details
Listing Section:AnimalSpecies:Dog
My Doggy Details
Breed:ChihuahuaMaturity:AdultCoat Colour:Red and White Coat Type:Short CoatBreeder Number:GC070929194Sex:MaleDate of Birth:07/09/2019 05:22
4 year(s) old
Pet Name:LokiBreeder Name:GlamChi Riddling SphinxDescription:I am a very small but true to type little man with am apple dome head and short muzzle.

My cheekiness inspired my humans to name me Loki.
Listing Type:Studding
Studding Details
Studding Fee:£350.00Studding Fee (registered):£450.00Studding Terms:Un-proven as yet, will be used exclusively by us until he has sired puppies.

No warranty or liability for missed season, free studding will be offered on next season only if proof (from vet) provided that dam did not catch, and on production of Glamour Chihuahuas studding receipt.

Fee is for 2 covers two days apart.
Refreshed: 236 day(s) Running: Never Expires
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