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Dolly | GlamChi Copper Creek

Listing Details
Listing Section:AnimalSpecies:Dog
My Doggy Details
Breed:ChihuahuaMaturity:AdultCoat Colour:Sable Coat Type:Short CoatBreeder Number:WVM0000079Sex:FemaleDate of Birth:29/10/2016 10:04
6 year(s) old
Pet Name:DollyBreeder Name:GlamChi Copper CreekDescription:I am a compact and chunky little girl with a round true to type apple dome head an short muzzle.

I am the first to the ball, and head first in to the pool, playing is what I do best, and I am frightened of nothing.
Listing Type:Bloodline
Refreshed: 528 day(s) Running: Never Expires
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