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Mojo | Graceland Dude GlamChi

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Listing Section:AnimalSpecies:Dog
My Doggy Details
Breed:ChihuahuaMaturity:AdultCoat Colour:Red and White Coat Type:Short CoatBreeder Number:WVM0000002Sex:MaleDate of Birth:04/01/2013 12:00
9 year(s) old
Pet Name:MojoBreeder Name:Graceland Dude GlamChiDescription:Mojo has a lovely apple dome head with a short black muzzle, and is very true to type, he small and dainty with lots of confidence.

Mojo is a proven stud dog, he has sired very nice litters to date.
Listing Type:Bloodline
Refreshed: 679 day(s) Running: Never Expires
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