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Browse Spizzle Dizzle In Safety - 24 September 2019

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The Spizzle Dizzle website and application are now secured with a 256 bit SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate, which means all information and transactions are encrypted making it impossible for third parties to decipher them.

All of our pages will be served using https:// and any legacy links to our site will be redirected to the secure version of the page.

The certificate is displayed in the address bar as a padlock, further information about the website and the certificate can be obtained from your browser by clicking it, if you would like to take a look for your own piece of mind.

More and more browsers and search engines are insisting that all websites are secure, identifying those that are not, and in some instances blocking them.

These measures are a step in the right direction for consumers, who can then make the decision to use a website or not based on it's security and possibly determine it's legitimacy.

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