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Characters N Co Website - 20 January 2023

Spizzle Dizzle had previously created a number of pages to advertise Characters N Co services and solutions on The Muffler website, due to these services being utilised at The Muffler, but due to a large expansion in the business it became increasingly obvious that Characters N Co needed it's own website and apps.

We moved quickly to roll the Characters N Co services that we had created and were so familiar with into our constanlty updated and evolving website and application platform.

Now, any adverts that are created through the website are automatically advertised across our many other customers websites (where these companies offer different products and services), so greatly increasing exposure, hits and ultimately party and event bookings.

New website, new logo we thought, an idea that was championed by Dave and Pete, and so we designed a logo blends seamlessley with the company and what it represents but is also eye-catching and easliy identifyable.

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