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Portside Decking and Fencing Website - 02 March 2023

Portside Decking and Fencing is an established garden structure design and build company, fed up of the control social media has over their advertising, the ever increasing costs and the ever decreasing exposure, like many other switched on companies they decided to revert back to a platform they have complete ownership and control over, their own website and apps for both iOS and android.

Spizzle Dizzle provided access to their website build platform, which also creates apps that dynamically resize and format themselves to fit any device, mobile phones, tablets and computers which go hand in hand with a new logo and company identity.

Not only does their new website give Portside Decking and Fencing complete control over their advertising, but it provides a professional interface for any person or company to search their services and as it is part of our advertising cooperative their adverts are shared across all other users of the platform, greatly increasing exposure, hits and ultimately business.

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'What can we say except, amazing, from first contacting Spizzle Dizzle to completeion of our new website, updated logo and workwear, we have witnessed nothing but professionalism throughout.

Spizzle Dizzle understood and provided exactly what we required, within the limited time frame we had before the season starts, without over selling or roping us into and ultimately charging us for things that we did not need.

Suffice to say we now have an online presence that is intuitive, easy for our customers to find and delivering high quality trafic to our sales department.'
- The Portside Decking and Fencing Team

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