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Websites - 24 September 2019

Spizzle Dizzle has many years experience in developing bespoke and tailored website, web application solutions and content/data management systems, we cater for hobbyists, businesses (of any size) right through to enterprise.

We can design and code any user interface, back end functionality and database schema to suit your specific requirements, and as our developers and designers are in-house you deal directly with us, resulting in an efficient design and delivery process.

Want your site to cater to mobile devices? No problem, our DA41Matrix platform automatically creates a dynamically re-sizable front end that can fit on any device without sacrificing the look and feel of your website, while retaining the same functionality across a multitude of device types.

Don't rely on social media to drum up business as these sites and applications are increasingly penalising legitimate businesses by restricting the exposure your posts get, even if you have pages and groups with thousands of followers. Their business model is to generate profit for themselves, not for you... your website should be the destination to which all of your potential customers end up, it's your greatest asset.

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