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PWA - Progressive Web Apps - 30 September 2019

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Upgrading your website to a PWA (progressive web app) turns your website into an installable application on mobile devices and computers, that can be installed directly from your website.

PWA's act just like an app from your device's app store, it will be fast, reliable and will even be available to your users if they have no access to the internet, can send push notifications and can even be packaged and added to respective app stores.

The main benefit of upgrading to a PWA is reduced duplication of effort and cost in creating separate apps for each app store, which would normally require separate developers for each.

Make Your Business More Engaging

The DA41Matrix platform, developed by us can add PWA functionality turning your website app but with the benefit of being familiar to your users as there will be no difference between the functionality of your website and it's content.

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