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SEO - Search Engine Optimization - 01 October 2019

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Search engine optimization or SEO, is automatically included in any website or web application that we develop as we have baked this right into our DA41Matrix platform, and as we are continually developing and updating it, optimizations are too.

Standard and bespoke modules that we include in your website or app will be optimized out of the box and will bolt straight in without you having to worry about how search engines interpret them.

Mobile Friendly?

Yes! Our platform is mobile friendly too so your endeavors will reach the widest possible audience at the highest of efficiencies. You will never have to waste time and energy tweaking your site, or pay anyone to do this for you, we have taken care of it.

We have included screenshots of SEO scores for Spizzle Dizzle (which uses the DA41Matrix platform) on GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed to highlight how efficient it is.

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