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SSL Certificates - 30 September 2019

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Spizzle Dizzle can provide your website and application with as SSL Certificate in order to secure transission of data. Although SSL stands for the 'Secure Sockets Layer' protocol, this is now depreciated in favour of TLS (transport layer security) which our servers use.

SSL certificates for your websites, even those that do not collect or process customer data are increasingly required to use a securely encrypted connection, this is mainly due to search engines and browsers now blocking connections to such websites.

In order to prevent your site from being blocked, and subsequently receiving a severely reduced amount of traffic, we can configure your website and applications to utilise an SSL certificate.

This will give increased security and peace of mind for you and your customers, which can be checked as your site will display a padlock, and will use HTTPS, instead of HTTP, the details of which can be checked by clicking the padlock.

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SSL certification has an added positive side effect in that you can configure your website as a progressive web application, meaning your website will have application like functionality, giving users the ability to install it on any of their devices and receive push notifications.

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